Cat tree

I got a new cat tree today it's pretty lame, the box is amazing though. (To be honest I'm a bit scared of the styrofoam.) Have you ever heard of flat earther's, the earth is round I can tell you as an alien that landed here I've seen the planet.

Back home.

I'm back home from mon-TUNA! I'm miss being there but I'm glad to be back. The was it's and birds and fish to catch, but they were HUGEZ! Like sharks!

Happy july 5th

Hi guys I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I could day time zone blah blah blah or I was hiding from the fireworks blah blah blah, but actually I was preparing for July fifth were the American short hairs declared independence from the British short hairs.

Adventures in Montana #2

Montana iz awesome there iz so many birds and fishez here. In fact there are so many fishez here that in should be called Mon-TUNA. I thinkz I saw a UFO the humans thinks it was a boat but I knowz what iz saw.Here is a picture: the UFO is the black one!

Iz snuck on a plane!

I didn't want to be alone when my humans where in montana. So iz snuck on. Did you know the laser gods are the same as planes! The laser gods ate me!Here are some pictures:
Here are the great lakes. I think they should be called the wicked waistline waters but they would  get offended.

Happy belated birthday to canada. Dis is canada. I was conserened about the wing it looks like it is peeling apart.
See those circles I think they are UFO landing pads.

I know what the peev looks like

In a previous post I was saying how I couldn't share my pet peeves because I didn't know what peeves looked like or were to where to buy them as pets or why people have them as pets. Well I found a peev in my house and had one of my humans draw one. (One time I tried to eat this humans head in her sleep and she got mad) 
This is the peev:

I made an oopsie daily post #5

I made a big oppsie today. My owners went to Montana and once they left I invited two hundred cats over (even the dumpster cat) to a catnip party, the house was TRASHED. The dumpster cat was asleep with a lampshade on his head. It turns out that my owners were just at the post office and are leaving tomorrow. Needless to say they were very confused.